Title: Caring For Your Mental Health

Filmmaker: Zoey Duan

About this film: Filmed as part of the 2020 Hawaii Children and Youth Summit opening video series, Caring For Your Mental Health features Zoey Duan, a youth from the island of Oahu, discussing the importance of maintaining your personal mental health, and manners by which you may do so.

Title: Generations

Filmmaker: Christian Cristobal

About the film: Filmmaker Christian Cristobal, is a youth from O'ahu. This film is about my family’s reproductive history with an intersectional approach that briefly touches upon the limited freedom of choices they had due to a lack of education, generational trauma, and poverty. These stories look at the different generations in my family and how we fought for a better life in educating, healing, and ending the cycle of poverty from my grandmothers, to my parents, and myself. Produced during the 2020 Reproductive Justice Reel Camp for Girls with the help of Hawai'i Women in Filmmaking.

Title: Pretty Good Start

Filmmakers: Kadee Wauke & Zoe Payne

About the film: Filmmakers Zoe & Kadee are youth from O'ahu. This short film was made with the support of Hawai'i Women in Filmmaking and the Sierra Club during the 2020 Environmental Justice Reel Camp for Girls

Are you passionate about issues related to physical and mental health? The focus of this breakout session will be on issues related to helping youth lead healthy lives.


Some examples of topics that could fit under this theme are: having healthier food and beverage choices available to students in school, increased physical activity opportunities for youth at schools and at parks and recreation centers, making sure youth have access to health care, preventing illegal drug use in youth, preventing suicide, and increasing mental health support and resources for kids.

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