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Sorry, you can't join us the summit, but we encourage you to watch videos from this summit following October 12th and vote online through October, 31, 2023.

Watch our topic videos in order to get more info to topics related to the summit!

The 2023 Hawai'i Children and Youth Summit will be in-person at the State of Hawai'i Capitol.

The summit events will take place on Thursday October 12, 2023.

At the Children and Youth Summit, youth from across the islands have an opportunity to gather & share about issues that are important to them. Videos of general session will be posted following the summit for anyone who is unable to attend.

Each day of the summit there will be breakout sessions for youth to talk story about topics important to them. Each topic area will develop the top priorities that they would like presented before the "big group". In the big group all of the top priorities will be shared, and all youth participants will vote on what they feel is the highest priorities in each topic area.

Voting will take place online, and the ballot will be open through the end of October.

After votes are in, the selected priorities will be announced and forwarded to the legislature's Keiki Caucus.

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