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2021 Hawai'i Children and Youth Summit

Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic restrictions on gatherings, the 2021 Hawai'i Children and Youth Summit will be all virtual. We had a great time with the virtual summit last year and are thrilled to have you along for the summit this year!

With the virtual format for this year's summit, events will be held several days throughout the week of October 12th to October 15, 2021. Events are as follows:

  • Video Watch Party: October 12, 2021. 5pm - 6pm Hawai'i Time. We will watch youth-made videos on the breakout topics for the summit. There will be youth filmmaker speakers, and prizes for participating!

  • Day 1 of the Summit: October 14th, 2021. 10am - 12pm Hawai'i Time. On Day 1 we will have opening greetings, panel discussions and breakout sessions on topics that are important to making Hawaii a better place to live, work, and thrive.

  • Day 2 of the Summit: October 15th, 2021. 10am - 12pm Hawai'i Time. On Day 2 we will have more breakout sessions with the goal of creating priorities that youth around Hawaii can vote on. The top voted priorities will be given to the Hawai'i State Legislature Keiki Caucus.

    Each day of the summit there will be breakout sessions for each topic area. Following the presentation of the priorities, all participants will be welcome to vote on their highest priority in each topic area by online ballot through the end of October. After votes are in the selected priorities will be announced and forwarded to the legislature's Keiki Caucus.