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2022 Breakout Topic Videos

Title of Film: Empowering Youth Voices

Filmmaker: Abby Evans


About the film: As part of the 2022 Hawaii Children and Youth Summit, Abby Evans, a high school senior in Hawaii, discusses the importance of youth participation in activism and the legislative process.

Title of Film: The Talk

About the film: Produced by the participants of the Young Women in Film Making camp; Harper finds her sex-ed class lacking and uninformative. When she and her friend hear about an inclusive sex-ed workshop, Harper learns about what makes a space safe for everybody.


2021 Breakout Topic Videos

Title of Film: Bottles for College

Filmmaker: Genshu Price

About the film: Bottles4College is an organization that recycles bottles and funds tuition for students to go to college.

2020 Breakout Topic Videos

Title of Film: Success & Growing Up in Hawai’i As Micronesian

Filmmaker: Regi Hetiback

About the film: Regi immigrated to Hawai’i from Micronesia in his early teenage years. He speaks about how his situation impacted his educational choices, and how prejudice towards him for his ethnicity also affected him.

Title: Ho’ohuli Uplifting Youth Voices

Filmmaker: The Ho’ohuli Collective

About Ho’ohuli: Our project is created by a collective centered on equity and social justice whose goal is to uplift the voices and concerns shared by youth throughout Oʻahu!

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Education prepares us for the future and the role we will play in it. In this breakout session you will be focusing on education, what education is offering and what you think education should look like.

For example: Do you wish your school had more Advanced Placement classes? More STEM and computer programming classes? What about classes that prepare you for life as an adult teaching you how to balance a budget or run a business? Do you wish your school partnered with community organizations and businesses to give you hands-on learning opportunities to develop real-life skills? Do you have ideas that would improve quality of life for students in your school?

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