2021 Breakout Topic Videos

Title: Hawai'i Youth Commission

Filmmaker: Karen Abe

About the film: In this film we learn about what is the Hawai’i State Youth Commission and what they have accomplished in their inaugural year.

2020 Breakout Topic Videos

Title: Love Is

Filmmaker: Koko Butcher

Title: Community Organizing

Filmmaker: Camron & Ash

About the film: Camron and Ash are community organizers that work with several organizations. They have intersectionality with working on environmental issues with the Hawai’i Youth Climate Coalition, and are working on creating safe spaces for black youth in Hawai’i called Our Space. 

Title: Best Buddies

Filmmaker: Sophia & Malia

About the film: This film focuses on buddies Sophia and Malia discussing their experience with the Best Buddies program, which is a non-profit program that strives to break down the barriers often encountered by those with a physical or developmental disability.

Title: Success & Growing Up in Hawai’i As Micronesian

Filmmaker: Regi Hetiback

About the film: Regi immigrated to Hawai’i from Micronesia in his early teenage years. He speaks about how his situation impacted his educational choices, and how prejudice towards him for his ethnicity also affected him.

Equality and Diversity.png

Hawai’i is fortunate to have a diverse mix of cultures and nationalities making up our communities. Everyone has the right to contribute, be seen, and feel safe in their communities. How can we ensure that all people of any ethnicity, gender, and however they self-identify feel empowered?


Some examples of topics that could fit under this theme are: creating non-gender specific bathrooms in public places, having free legal services for immigrants and/or youth of color, funding safe-space community resilience hubs.

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