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Each year the Hawai'i Children and Youth Summit Planning Committee (consisting of representatives from youth serving organizations throughout Hawai'i as well as youth representatives) select topic categories to be focused on by the participants of the summit. These topics are covered broadly in the panel discussion, and then in more detail in breakout sessions. These topics are intended to help to guide the discussion, but are in no way meant to limit the conversation within the breakout sessions.

Below are the selected topics for the 2023 Children and Youth Summit. By clicking on the link for the topic you will be redirected to a page describing the topic and providing access to videos and activities tying that topic to the overall summit.

Healthy Body Mind.png

Healthy body, healthy mind

Topics relating to the physical and mental health and safety of youth and community.

Safety and Crisis Management.png

Safety & Crisis Management

Topics relating to emergencies and ways to prepare for and/or respond to them.

Homelessness (1).png

housing and homelessness

Topics relating to ensuring housing security and preventing homelessness in our communities.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.png

equality,  diversity, and Inclusion

Topics relating to civil rights and equality for all members of a diverse community.


the environment

Topics relating to preserving the environment and improving environmental health.

education (1).png


Topics relating to education within the Department of Education and the University of Hawai'i

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