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Title: Hawaii's Homeless Have Few Places To Go

Filmmaker: TheGuardian

About the film: TheGuardian visited the Waianae homeless camp and interviewed its residents and the local leader named Twinkles. With the highest homelessness rate of any state in the US, Hawaii lawmakers struggle for solutions amid rising costs of living and low wages. But one group of homeless Hawaiians has taken matters into their own hands, forming a highly organized and self-sustaining community. Could a key part of solving Hawaii’s homelessness problem actually come from its homeless citizens? 

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Our state of Hawai‘i has one of the highest rates of homelessness in the nation. The focus of this breakout session will be on the impact that homelessness and lack of permanent housing has on youth and their families.

Some examples of topics that could fit under this theme are: preventing homelessness, making sure that homeless children and their families are getting the services they need, encouraging homeless individuals to perform public service in order to receive services, etc.

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